Community Round-up #17

February 24, 2014 by Jonas Gebhardt

It's exciting to see the number of real-world React applications and components skyrocket over the past months! This community round-up features a few examples of inspiring React applications and components.

React in the Real World #

Facebook Lookback video editor #

Large parts of Facebook's web frontend are already powered by React. The recently released Facebook Lookback video and its corresponding editor are great examples of a complex, real-world React app.

Russia's largest bank is now powered by React #

Sberbank, Russia's largest bank, recently switched large parts of their site to use React, as detailed in this post by Vyacheslav Slinko.

Relato #

Relato by Ben Ripkens shows Open Source Statistics based on npm data. It features a filterable and sortable table built in React. Check it out – it's super fast!

Makona Editor #

John Lynch (@johnrlynch) created Makona, a block-style document editor for the web. Blocks of different content types comprise documents, authored using plain markup. At the switch of a toggle, block contents are then rendered on the page. While not quite a WYSIWYG editor, Makona uses plain textareas for input. This makes it compatible with a wider range of platforms than traditional rich text editors.

Create Chrome extensions using React #

React is in no way limited to just web pages. Brandon Tilley (@BinaryMuse) just released a detailed walk-through of how he built his Chrome extension "Fast Tab Switcher" using React.

Twitter Streaming Client #

Javier Aguirre (@javaguirre) put together a simple twitter streaming client using node, and React.

Sproutsheet #

Sproutsheet is a gardening calendar. You can use it to track certain events that happen in the life of your plants. It's currently in beta and supports localStorage, and data/image import and export.

Instant Domain Search #

Instant Domain Search also uses React. It sure is instant!

SVG-based graphical node editor #

NoFlo and Meemoo developer Forresto Oliphant built an awesome SVG-based node editor in React.

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe Game in React #

Rafał Cieślak (@Ravicious) wrote a React version of Ultimate Tic Tac Toe. Find the source here.

ReactJS Gallery #

Emanuele Rampichini's ReactJS Gallery is a cool demo app that shows fullscreen images from a folder on the server. If the folder content changes, the gallery app updates via websockets.

Emanuele shared this awesome demo video with us:

React Components #

Table Sorter #

Table Sorter by bgerm [source] is another helpful React component.

Static-search #

Dmitry Chestnykh @dchest wrote a static search indexer in Go, along with a React-based web front-end that consumes search result via JSON.

Lorem Ipsum component #

Martin Andert created react-lorem-component, a simple component for all your placeholding needs.

Input with placeholder shim #

react-input=placeholder by enigma-io is a small wrapper around React.DOM.input that shims in placeholder functionality for browsers that don't natively support it.

diContainer #

dicontainer provides a dependency container that lets you inject Angular-style providers and services as simple React.js Mixins.

React server rendering #

Ever wonder how to pre-render React components on the server? react-server-example by Michael Hart (@hichaelmart) walks through the necessary steps.

Similarly, Alan deLevie (@adelevie) created react-client-server-starter, another detailed walk-through of how to server-render your app.

Random Tweet #